Emission Testing Experience in a Variety of Industries
Protocol2 is managed by some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and industry respected professionals in our line of business. The two owners alone have over 58 man years of combined experience in all aspects of emission testing conducted both nationally and internationally. Our highly skilled multidisciplinary teams work cohesively to provide integrated solutions for our clients and to address complex project situations. We employ highly experienced Project Managers, Supervisors and Air Emissions Technologists and are recognized by Canadian, U.S and International regulatory agencies for our work.

Emission testing involves the collection, analysis, data interpretation and reporting of various parameters pertaining to regulated emission limits using complex sampling methods and state of the art instrumentation. Specific test methods, sampling procedures and reporting requirements must be understood and followed to ensure that emissions data is accurate and representative of the source and conditions at the time of sampling. Additionally, understanding plant processes and variations that may affect emissions and contribute to biased data is critical. Considering all these variables, Protocol2 develops Execution Plans for each project to ensure that testing and reporting is completed successfully, following protocols that ensure accurate and representative data in a safe and time effective manner.

Source Emissions Testing Capabilities

Protocol2 offers source emission/air emission testing services that cover all types of projects. Our experience and expertise along with stringent quality assurance/quality control allows us to develop, customize and complete sampling projects following the required sampling protocols in a time effective manner.

•Regulatory Compliance Source Emissions Testing
•Relative accuracy test audits (RATA)
•Cylinder gas audits (CGA)
•Quality assurance plan (QAP) development
•Quality assurance plan (QAP) audits
•Destruction/removal efficiency tests
•CEMS performance guarantee testing
•Turbine Fine Tuning
•Pollution abatement system efficiency tests
•Pilot plant emission studies
•Process optimization & fine tuning tests
•Opacity Testing
•Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations Testing (MSAPR)
•Fugitive Emissions

Target Parameters

Protocol2 offers complete source emission testing projects using both Manual and Instrumental Analyzer methods. We have the ability to test for multi component parameters simultaneously and routinely carry out multi parameter projects. Target parameters include but are not limited to:

•Sulphur dioxide (SO₂), sulphur trioxide (SO₃) & acid mist
•Nitrogen oxides (NOₓ) - nitric oxide (NO) & nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)
•Ammonia (NH₃)
•Fluoride (F¯) & fluorine (F₂)
•Hydrogen halides - hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen bromide (HBr) & hydrogen fluoride (HF)
•Halogens - chlorine (Cl₂) & bromine (Br₂)
•Particulate matter (total, condensable & noncondensable,  PM10/2.5 & particle size distribution)
•Multiple metals (low mass & high mass), mercury & mercury speciation & hexavalent chromium
•Semi-volatile organics (dioxins & furans, PCB’s, PAH’s)
•Volatile organic compounds
•Trace sulphur compounds (TRS)
•Total hydrocarbons (THC)
•Phenol (C₆H₅OH) & formaldehyde (H₂CO)
•Fixed gases (O₂, CO₂, CO)

Source Emission/Air Emission Sampling Procedures

Manual or Wet Chemistry Testing This procedure involves the collection of field samples using various collection media to collect the target parameter(s). These could be absorbing solutions, filters, or specialty tubes containing solid absorption media. After passing the effluent sample through the collection media (at a known sample rate and sample duration) to concentrate it, the media which contains the concentrated samples are recovered in a controlled environment following the procedures as outlined in the sampling methods. Sampling media is then sent to an ISO/CALA certified laboratory for analysis. Samples of this nature are typically collected over a specific time period ranging from 1 – 4 hours and results are not instantaneous since samples are sent to an external lab for analysis.
Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) This procedure involves the analysis of target parameter(s) using calibrated instrumental analyzers. Samples are withdrawn from the source and passed through the analyzers on a continuous basis. An electronic data logger system is used to collect and store all analyzer responses. This system continually polls each analyzer once per second, calculates one minute averages, and stores these data points in its internal RAM memory. The one minute averages are then sent to the CEM computer software where the data is displayed in real time as graphs or charts. Data can then be incorporated into a worksheet or printed out as desired. Parameter data is real time and results are generated onsite and can be available to the client immediately. This allows our clients to make process or operational decisions in a time effective manner. 

Our Services are Provided Routinely to a Variety of Industries

Our management and project teams have a vast amount of experience providing air emissions/air quality testing to a variety of industries including:

•Oil & Gas, Petrochemical
•Steel Manufacturing
•Utilities & Power
•Glass Manufacturing
•Chemical Manufacturing
•Compressors and Compressor Stations

•Concrete & Asphalt Production
•Food & Beverage
•Pilot Plants
•Incineration (medical, municipal, industrial, hazardous waste)
•Asphalt Plants

•Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
•Soil Remediation
•Pulp & Paper, Wood Products
•Plastic Manufacturing
•Fertilizer Manufacturing

Strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control

We adhere to strict QA/QC sampling, analytical and reporting protocols, covering all aspects of the project including equipment maintenance & calibration, project development & preparation, sampling, sample recovery & technical reporting. All sample analysis is completed by a CALA & ISO certified laboratory with extensive experience in the analysis and reporting of air emission samples.

No Hidden Costs

Protocol2 provides initial consultations and detailed project development plans prior to any mobilization. Our detailed technical proposals outline the full terms of our services and your project scope, with no hidden costs. We pride ourselves in quality and transparent service.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee our service adheres to all regulatory guidelines and your defined scope of work, or we will redo the work absolutely free of charge. Our experience and qualifications result in confidence that you will get the job done right the first time and complete jobs on schedule.


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